Frequently Asked Questions is a synergy of Indian internet services. The main objective of this website is to link 10000 Indian business websites in a single (home) page.

Shortkut India is a one-stop point for all e-services in India. Whether it is shopping, ticket booking, appoint with a doctor or even buying grocery. It has links which each one of us need each day during various stages of life. What better place to advertise your website / business / product / service than

Well, the concept is to sell 10000 Indian business (text) links (every link is a piece of Indian business history) in this website under various categories. Big, medium & small businesses are all welcome to buy their business links in this website. Once sold, the link(s) will be locked for a period of 1 or 15 years / permanently. The advertiser may choose to renew / remove their business link in this website after the expiry of lock-in period.

The procedure is very simple. There are 3 methods, 1. you can simply send an e-mail to or call @ +919945390130 or click here to get your link posted. Provide your business information, your link will be posted in this website within 2 working days. will not be able to commit on number of visitors that will be diverted to your website / link daily, weekly or monthly etc. is a new online platform where advertiser & customer meet at a single point. Hence, a reasonable traffic can be expected by the advertiser but cannot be assured. Apart from the efforts of Shortkut India, the slogan / text ad, banner etc which the advertiser provides will also have a large impact on the traffic diverted to their website.

As of now, no such report can be made available to the advertiser. Shortkut India will make all efforts to make it available in the near future.

Yes. The advertiser can be given a space for a particular period (7 days) under special 1-week package to display their banner / text link etc @ INR 2000 per week in the homepage / travel / furniture & other pages desired. This cost is irrespective of whether the advertiser is an existing advertiser with or otherwise.


Very soon, Shortkut India will be incorporated payment gateway for accepting payments from advertisers towards posting advertisements. Until then, the advertiser need to transfer advertising charges to the Bank Account specified in the "Advertise" page.

Shortkut is a multi level tool i.e. a one-point stop for all your daily needs in life. Here you get to know various service providers / businesses across India for daily activities i.e. shopping, ticket booking, appoint with a doctor or even buying grocery etc. You can also get rewards by buying or using certain services linked this website. The rewards are in the form of either mobile recharge or e-gift vouchers and are subject to change without prior notice.

It requires atleast 30 days for effecting rewards to internet users who make transactions through This is mainly because most of the products / services do involve return / money back policy from the advertiser. Hence, the user needs to wait at least 30 days to get his / her reward by means of mobile recharge or e-gift vouchers.

The mobile recharge / e-gift vouchers are offered on most the websites linked in this website. However, there are possibilities that certain advertisers may pause the discounts on certain days of a week / month for various reasons. Any transactions / purchases made during those hours / days / week / month are not eligible for rewards.

While all users are redirected to the advertiser's website for making transactions, in certain cases there are possibilities that the user navigates for finding different products / services in the advertisers website, during which, the affiliate id may not get recorded or tracked. In such cases, Shortkut India will not be able to pay rewards to the users.

Soon after making your transaction / purchase, you need to send the following details to All these details are absolutely confidential and will assure you that these details will not be shared with anybody. 1. Name 2. Contact number 3. E-mail address 4. Date & time of transaction 5. Amount of transaction 6. Order number provided by the seller

The amount of reward offered varies from advertiser to advertiser. The user gets around 0.25% to 1% of the transaction amount as rewards up to a maximum of Rs.100 per transaction (not guaranteed). Further, the reward amount gets accumulated in the user's name until the payout limit is reached. The payout limit for mobile recharge as well as e-gift vouchers is Rs.100. The user can specify the e-gift voucher he / she wishes to receive as reward.

No. All rewards are only in the form of either mobile recharge or e-gift voucher and are non-transferable.

The possible reason for this could be that you are using a old browser or your screen resolution is less than 1280 X 768. In such cases, the website will not be displayed properly. Please change your screen resolution to 1280 X 768 or more for best access. Further, it is suggested to view this website in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for best access.

The website has been made accessible in tablet & mobile (Android). However, there is possibility that best access of this website may not be possible in certain mobiles & tablets because of varying screen size.

The website is meant for linking Indian businesses. So, it makes sense to involve only Indian websites / businesses.

All efforts are made to answer common queries many of you may have. If any of your question is unanswered, please visit feedback page & write your query or you can simply send an e-mail to your query will be answered at the earliest.