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Shortkut is a creative online shopping tool

Shortkut is a one-point stop for all online shopping needs. Find new customers beyond horizon waiting to explore your products.

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Shortkut for small e-tailers

Our services reach 1000+ e-tailers

Shortkut is an innovative & productive platform built for small e-tailers to showcase their products & compete with big players in e-commerce. Shortkut is designed give user a transparent view of products in every category irrespective of who owns them. Products that go unnoticed in well known e-commerce portals are easily accessible by users through simple preferences. We provide advertisers wide range of categories to advertise in. Choose easy, flexible & economical plan to advertise your products.

An advertiser can either choose a fixed plan wherein nominal setting up & monthly fees is charged (depends upon category) or advertise as per their own affiliate program rates. If an advertiser chooses to advertise through their own affiliate program rates, no fixed monthly fees or setting up fees is charged.

You can promote discount offers, discount coupons & new launches etc using shortkut platform. The time taken for setting up your e-shop in Shortkut is less than 48 hours.

Shortkut for large e-tailers

Our services reach 100+ e-tailers

Shortkut platform is useful for large e-tailers too. Showcase products of your sellers & compete directly with the ones registered in competitor’s portal or in this site. We offer fair option for users to choose, compare products across portals & make a smart buy. Our innovative platform helps users to know various products in other e-commerce portals and buy them at a lesser price.

Large e-tailers can also promote their discount offers, discount coupons & new launches etc using shortkut platform. Also, it is easy to reach out customers who are otherwise glued to your competitor e-commerce portals.

Shortkut is a one-stop portal that offers umbrella of categories including Fashion, footwear, eyewear, grooming, bags, sports items, jewellery & many more. It is easy to grow your customer base.


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